Pigart Lebas Paris France

American Electric Bell

Number 9

Very rare 1932 WE field test phone D95137

American Electric No. 37

Western Electric GN4676

Western Electric 208

WE space saver

Field trial tone dial

American Electric No. 37

Eiffel Tower Telephone

Western Electric A1

1947 WE Clear case phone


Paris France

Western Electric  130

Doughnut Phone

Watson Thumper 1877, Reproduction by John Infurna

1923 Kellogg 150G switchboard

American Electric Bell

Number  10

Close up of the Vanity Phone

1898 Stronberg-Carlsen

Grey 23-D

Some of my favorite telephones

Strowger Candle Stick

Western Electric 26

Gallows Telephone 1875


Western Electric 22K

Speaking Tube

1884 Vanity Long Distant Phone

1012 WE Switchboard

WE3565 Autovon Key Set

Western Electric 43AB

With Rail Road Subset

Federal  and Century Split shaft phone

WE 565 HK Marbleized Plastic.

WE 202 Clear case by Ray Kotke