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I grew up with Western Electric 302's and 500 sets.  I am striving to have them in every color that they were made in.  As you can see I am close to having them.

Telephone Museum by Phone Wizard

French phones plus an Ericsson

Looking around the museum.

All my Western Electric candle stick telephones. No two phones are alike. The decorative item with the globe is designed to hide the phone when not in use. These phones go from the 1890's to the 1930's

Test sets

Clear case  phones


Early Candle Stick Phones

1940 Bell System splicers trailer. Used to transport parts needed to install telephone poles.  I purchased it in 1972 using it for camping trips.  I fully restored it in 2020. The trailer uses 1932 Ford wire wheels. 


My Man Cave

All the colors made of the model 500 telephones

I call this my TV section

2012 setup

The Design Line phone section (2005 display now in storage)

The 100 200 300 series and more section

Welcome to the Phone Wizard on line museum.  I have been collecting telephones since 1966.  As a professional electronic technician I find telephones fascinating.  They are very simple instruments that are designed to be reliable and easy to maintain.  The purpose of this website is to share my collection with all those that are interested in old telephones.